Roadside River, A Poetic Essay

Natasha D. Muhoza
April 29, 2018
Roadside River, A Poetic Essay

Pouncing upon iron roof

It’s the friend who descends at dawn

Like the enemy whose face we never truly know

He seeps. pours. fills.

In rage he heaves and sweeps;

Taking our survival with him.

We shield ourselves from Nairobi storm…

It’s been dry, you see

Drought dried our eyes

Now heaven cries for us.

Across the road lies our dream.

He sneaks in —

Flooding the ground, our feet, our knees

Day sky turns to night with eerie ease

I can only watch

As half of home is washed clean

This time each year

We a trained anew- how to ignore

A broken sewer system

River in living room

The cross some must bare…

The rains are here again- to feed starving seeds

This time they ‘over-feed’ us

We will build home again, you see

And once the sun returns,

prepare to repeat.

Barely anything gets fixed here

But maybe - it’s more than a ‘thing’

Human souls break too

Some from blindness

Some- from seeing too much to bear.


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